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Desert Island Questions for Mediators
Unpublished, June (2009)
  • Geoff Sharp

When I was a wee lad, I drove others nuts by asking questions. They were, I am told, good open ones usually starting ".... but, why?"

As time passed, I grew into a know-it-all teen and forgot about asking questions, more intent on doing the telling. Now at age 40 and in my role as a commercial mediator, I seem to have come full circle and once again appreciate the value of the well-timed, well-constructed question aimed at the essence of a discussion.

So what are my all-time favourites? What questions do I ask that make people sit back in their chairs, audibly exhale, rub their foreheads and say ".... gee, that's a really good question to ask me…I've never had to look at it like that before...".

  • mediation,
  • questions
Publication Date
Fall June 18, 2009
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Geoff Sharp. "Desert Island Questions for Mediators" Unpublished, June (2009)
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