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Terrorism, Tourism and Worker Unions: The disciplinary boundaries of fear
International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage
  • Maximiliano E Korstanje, Prof, University of Palermo, Argentina
  • Geoffrey Skoll, Buffalo State College, USA
  • Freddy Timmermann, Catholic University Silva Henriquez, Chile
When the world seems poised on the brink of a never ending cycle of terrorism, the present paper polemically explores some of its historical roots. The first anarcho-terrorists in 19th century, fought to improve the working conditions of people. Some of them used violent tools, hosting civilians as targets. Others, convinced by the futility of their efforts to change the order, opted for organizing workers in factories. It is widely accepted that tourism came from the social, political, technological developments in the nineteenth century. We compare terrorist attacks with workers’ strikes, because they come from the same developments. We explore the thesis that tourism is terrorism by other means.
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Maximiliano E Korstanje, Geoffrey Skoll and Freddy Timmermann. "Terrorism, Tourism and Worker Unions: The disciplinary boundaries of fear"
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