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Wireless Eavesdropper
Bad Subjects (2000)
  • Geoffrey Sauer

People who know me know I like electronic gadgets, especially ones my friends don't have yet. It started at the age of ten, when my family got a 'TV radio.' I've never found another one like it. It looked just like any other 1970s portable radio, but in addition to AM and FM it could pick up the audio portion of TV broadcasts. You could tune it to any VHF or UHF station. It could run on batteries, so it was truly portable -- which TVs weren't yet. This was great: my friends and I could do things like hang out outside after school and still follow our afternoon serial cartoons. And best of all, none of my friends had one. I think we finally broke it when I was 15 or 16.

Publication Date
March, 2000
Citation Information
Geoffrey Sauer. "Wireless Eavesdropper" Bad Subjects Vol. 48 (2000)
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