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Hackers, Order and Control
Bad Subjects (1996)
  • Geoffrey Sauer, Carnegie Mellon University

In the 1980s, the term 'computer hacker' become a place for arguments about how people should understand computer technologies — which were rapidly becoming a part of corporate officework and middle-class entertainment across the United States. By 1985, films such as War Games had popularized the idea that young men facile with technology might gain (through computing) access to power. Books like Steven Levy's Hackers popularized the idea that hackers worked together with one another, and held community values that influenced what people do with technology. But though each of these were clear portrayals, they were early attempts to articulate the social conditions of a new generation of computer experts. More debate followed.

Publication Date
February, 1996
Citation Information
Geoffrey Sauer. "Hackers, Order and Control" Bad Subjects Vol. 24 (1996)
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