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About Dr Geoff Woolcott

Dr Geoff Woolcott PhD (Education, UNSW) PhD (Biology, UNSW) GradDipBiol (UNSW) GradDipT (QUT) BSc (UNE)
Geoff is Associate Professor of Mathematics and Science Education in the School of Education at Southern Cross University, Australia. He is an experienced scientist educator with over 30 years experience in the education and research sectors. He has successfully undertaken educational and leadership roles in the primary, secondary and tertiary education sector both nationally and internationally and has considerable experience in the development of innovative educational resources, such as competitions and assessments used in Australia and Asia. He maintains an involvement with schools through research-based collaborations across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in both primary and secondary schools. He has a strong background in funded collaborations in both science and education, and research management roles both nationally and internationally. He has combined his research base in systems biology with studies in education to enable a transition to his recent research on scientific approaches to educational theories and practices. His recent publications, with their focus on STEM education and the Learning Sciences, reflect this transition and he is expanding this research profile within such areas as networks and complexity theory in order to develop studies of education that are based in scientific empiricism.

Connectivity in educational theory and practice, STEM education with a focus on mathematics and science, spatial reasoning, gifted education, complex networks, studies of collaboration, impact and innovation, client-centred integrated services and human developmental ecology

Project Leadership
·       It’s part of my life: Engaging university and community to enhance science and mathematics education. The Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching, as part of the Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers Program (ETMST) ($1,000,000).
·       Bite size Maths: Building mathematics capability of low SES students in regional/remote Australia. This $140,000 project, to be completed in 2016, is funded through the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP), National Priorities Pool–2015 ($140,000).  
·       Identification of risk factors in first year university education. Higher Education Participation Project (HEPP) with Prof R. Keast & A. Graham (SCU).
·       Mathslinks: Network analysis of spatiotemporal connectivity in mathematics conceptual development. School of Education Grant. 

Project partnership
·        Connecting mathematics learning through spatial reasoning Australian Research Council Discovery Project (ARCDP) ($300,000) 
·       Inspiring Science & Mathematics Education (iSME). Australian Mathematics and Science Participation Program (AMSPP) ($987,500).
·       Regional Universities Network (RUN) Maths and Science Digital Classroom: A connected model for all of Australia. AMSPP Priority Project ($998,880).
·       Evaluating and selecting STEM resources: Capacity building for teachers in rural and regional schools (STEMCrAfT). AMSPP ($378,550).
·       Spatial Reasoning Study Group (SRSG) - the Spatial Reasoning Knowledge Synthesis Project. Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.
·       Spatial Reasoning Study Group (SRSG) - the Spatial Reasoning Network Mapping Project. IOSTEM through its Early Years Mathematics Initiative at the University of Calgary, Canada.


Present Associate Professor, Southern Cross University School of Education

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PO Box 157
Lismore NSW
Australia 2480
Phone: (+61 2) 6620 3400


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Woolcott, G., Scott, A., Norton, M., Whannell, R., Galligan, L., Marshman, M., Pfeiffer, L., & Wines, C. (2017). The Enhancement-Lesson-Reflection process: A resource manual for science and mathematics learning and teaching. Companion Report to the Final report: It’s part of my life: Engaging university and community to enhance science and mathematics education. Canberra, Australia: Department of Education and Training. ISBN 978-1-76051-320-7 [PRINT] ISBN 978-1-76051-318-4 [PDF] ISBN 978-1-76051-319-1 [DOCX]

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