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The essential process in a family of measurement models
Psychometrika (1984)
  • Geoff Masters, University of Melbourne
  • Benjamin D Wright, University of Chicago

Five members of the Rasch family of latent trait models which have appeared more or less independently in the literature are brought together and identified as one model. In addition to sharing the distinguishing characteristic of the dichotomous Rasch model separable person and item parameters and hence sufficient statistics all five models share a common algebraic form and have as their basic element the fundamental process defined by Rasch's simple logistic expression. In these models, the sufficient statistics for person and item parameters are counts of events constructed to be indicative of the variable being measured, and the measures they enable are fundamental.

Publication Date
December, 1984
Citation Information
Geoff Masters and Benjamin D Wright. "The essential process in a family of measurement models" Psychometrika Vol. 49 Iss. 4 (1984)
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