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Learning assessments: Designing the future
2009 - 2017 ACER Research Conferences
  • Geoff N Masters, ACER
Start Date
17-8-2015 9:15 AM
End Date
17-8-2015 10:15 AM
Student assessment, Evaluation methods, Evaluation problems, Evaluation problems, Monitoring (Assessment), Skills, Generic skills, Digital technology, Online assessment, Educational innovation
Processes for assessing student learning are undergoing fundamental transformation.This presentation will consider three developments which can be expected to shape how student learning is assessed in the future. First is fundamental change in how assessment is conceptualised and approached, with a focus on monitoring learning. Second is growing interest in the assessment of a broader range of skills and attributes than those addressed in most current assessment efforts. Third is advances in technology which are opening the door to new ways of gathering information about student learning, including through records of real-time interactions in online learning environments. In ACER’s Centre for Assessment Reform and Innovation, these three developments are referred to as ‘new thinking’, ‘new metrics’ and ‘new technologies’. This presentation will explore ways in which these three developments, together with scientific advances in our understanding of learning itself, can be expected to transform school assessment processes over the next decade.
Place of Publication
Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
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Geoff N Masters. "Learning assessments: Designing the future" (2015)
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