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Restoring our Edge in Education
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  • Geoff N Masters, ACER
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Much of what is required to improve the quality of Australian school education is widely understood and agreed, as Professor Geoff Masters explains. The levels of educational attainment of Australian students will play a key role in the outcome of future individual, social and economic prosperity. Individuals benefit from high levels of education and training, which increase individuals’ ability to secure meaningful work, earn more, and break cycles of disadvantage. Society as a whole benefits from high levels of education and training, which are related to better health, family functioning and children’s wellbeing, less violent crime, and even a cleaner environment. The economic prosperity of the nation is also secured through high levels of education and training, which are directly linked to high levels of workforce participation and national productivity. While the educational standards of Australian students are excellent in many areas, policies that support further improvement of education and training levels will have significant positive effects for individuals, standards of living and social cohesion.
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Geoff N Masters. "Restoring our Edge in Education" (2007)
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