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The Power of Expectation
ACER Occasional Essays (2011)
  • Geoff Masters, ACER
Success in most fields of endeavour depends on an ability to visualise success. It has long been known that elite athletes mentally rehearse each performance prior to its execution. Advances in neuroscience show why this may be so important: the neurological processes involved in visualising a performance are almost identical to those involved in the performance itself. Indeed, simply watching somebody else perform activates ‘mirror’ neurons in the observer paralleling neuronal activity in the performer. The ability to visualise success and an accompanying belief that success is possible appear to be prerequisites for most forms of human achievement.
  • Success,
  • Self efficacy,
  • Academic achievement
Publication Date
July 15, 2011
Citation Information
Geoff Masters. "The Power of Expectation" ACER Occasional Essays (2011)
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