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Reflection on Student Action Research
Voices of Practitioners (2014)
  • Genan T. Anderson, Utah Valley University
  • Julie K. Nelson, Utah Valley University
  • Bryan Waite, Utah Valley University
This article is a summary by the authors on the research done by two student teachers of early childhood education, Joelle Fierro and Rachel Probst. These student teachers were concerned about how best to serve the ethnic diversity they would experience as preservice teachers, and they developed creative teaching methods, through reflection, to address the issue. One of the ideas that emerged from their reflection was their very creative use of the Writer’s Workshop to encourage the children to write in their own diverse languages, share translations and stories, and thereby grow in acceptance of, and friendship with, one another while learning writing skills.
  • Cross-race friendships,
  • Writer's Workshop,
  • Reflection in teaching
Publication Date
June, 2014
Citation Information
Genan T. Anderson, Julie K. Nelson and Bryan Waite. "Reflection on Student Action Research" Voices of Practitioners Vol. 9 Iss. 1 (2014)
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