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integrating ICT in teacher education.pdf
International Recognition Research Journal-Indian streams Research Journal (2012)
  • Geeta Thakur
Teacher educators are faced with the challenges of preparing a new generation of
teachers to effectively use the new learning tool in their teaching practices. ICT is an
ocean. This paper focuses the possible usage of ICT in teacher education. ICT teacher
training can take many forms. We can organize various ICT use as: Main content focus
of teacher training, Part of teaching methods, Core technology for delivering teacher
training, and Facilitate professional development & networking. ICT can be used to
enhance richness and quality of teacher education in the classroom through web-based
instruction, which can be implemented by Web-assisted classroom instruction and
Individual learning.For effective learning, close and conducive learning environment in
the college can be created through strategies like Development of instructional material,
Use of web conferencing and blogs, Formation of discussion forum and newsgroup.
  • ICT,
  • teacher education
Publication Date
Winter July 1, 2012
Citation Information
“Integrating ICT into Teacher Education.”, International Recognition Research Journal-Indian streams Research Journal (Vol:2, Issue- 6 July 2012. ISSN no. 2230-7850).impactfactor 0.1870 Pp 11-13.
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