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Consumer attitudes toward marketing in a transitional economy : a replication and extension
Journal of Consumer Marketing
  • Tsang Sing CHAN, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Geng CUI, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Document Type
Journal article
Publication Date
  • China,
  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Marketing intelligence,
  • National economy,
  • Economic change
Burgeoning consumerism in transitional economies has significant implications for both multinational corporations and local companies. Based on a survey of four cities in mainland China, this research examines consumer attitudes toward marketing, and compares the findings with those of previous studies of other economies. The results suggest that consumers in mainland China are less critical of marketing than their counterparts in advanced economies. Furthermore, consumer attitudes toward marketing, beliefs about business, and their interactions have significant effects on consumer satisfaction. The implications for marketing operations in transitional economies and avenues for future research are explored.
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Chan, T.-S., & Cui, G. (2004). Consumer attitudes toward marketing in a transitional economy: A replication and extension. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 21(1), 10-26. doi: 10.1108/07363760410513932