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About Gayle Zydlewski

In the broadest sense my research interests and experiences are in the area of Fish Ecology, emphasizing the impacts of environmental conditions on the expression of behavior. It should be noted that at the intersection of environment and behavior are physiological responses. As such, much of my research has focused on the integration of behavior and physiology as it relates to environmental experiences. Recently, my research direction has expanded to incorporate impacts of various components of the ecosystems (prey presence, interspecific interactions, and water chemistry) on fish behavior and population dynamics. I have found that results from these research topics are useful for natural resource managers making decisions associated with environmental impacts on natural (or artificially-enhanced) populations of fishes.


Present Research Assistant Professor of Marine Sciences, University of Maine School of Marine Sciences

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Contact Information

Phone: (207) 581-4365
5741 Libby Hall Room 204A
Orono, ME 04469-5741


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