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Designing a Learning Module within a Dynamic Assessment Tool
International Conference on Education (2015)
  • Gayl O'Connor, ACER

This Work-in-progress report describes the conceptualization and design of a learning module within a dynamic assessment and learning research tool. The prototype module aims to provide learning opportunities and support as students aged 14 to 16 investigate the relationship between kinetic and potential energy, and the principle of conservation of energy. The six related tasks in the module will also provide opportunities for students to explore scenarios and develop science process (inquiry) skills, specifically the control of, and relationship between, experimental variables. In order to gain insight into the learning taking place, appropriate tasks were designed according to a blue-print that aligns to levels of specific behaviour indicators (outcomes). By capturing student interactions and onscreen choices as the students work through the tasks, it is anticipated data can be collected to provide evidence of learning directly related to these indicators. The data collected from the research tool may also inform the possibility of identifying suitable pathways that could be used to guide the development of an adaptive version of the prototype at a later date.

  • Research tool,
  • Learning module,
  • Assessment,
  • Students
Publication Date
November, 2015
Citation Information
Gayl O'Connor. "Designing a Learning Module within a Dynamic Assessment Tool" International Conference on Education (2015)
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