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Vernacular Objects | Indian Mutiny | Imperial Panic1
Victorian Literature and Culture
  • Gautam Basu Thakur, Boise State University
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This paper is a study of subject-object relations in British writings about the Indian Uprising of 1857. I focus in particular on accounts vocalizing panic over a colony of objects “baldly encountered” and “not quite apprehended” in the context of remembering and remediating traumatic memories of the Uprising (Brown 5). What follows is an exercise in object-oriented investigation, reading depictions of subject-object and object-subject encounters, analyzing matters-of-concern emerging from the events of 1857 (Latour, “Realpolitik” 14; also, Reassembling 70n80, 114–20).
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Gautam Basu Thakur. "Vernacular Objects | Indian Mutiny | Imperial Panic1" Victorian Literature and Culture (2016)
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