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Piano Sonata I. Kimnara’s Blessing (Recording)
Music Faculty Publications
  • Gary Smart, University of North Florida
  • Yukino Miyake
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The first and last movements here are named after deities in the Japanese Buddist-Hindu canon. I was inspired by a visit to the Sanjusangendo shrine in Kyoto, where 1000 exquisite ancient wood statues have stood for many centuries. There I saw Kimnara, a winged female spirit, a gentle celestial musician. My evocation of her music is ritualistic. The piece begins and ends with an “a-men” and features an abundance of thematic material which includes lyrical expression, as well as harp-like flourishes and most notably, exuberant sections based on the ringing metallic sounds and rhythmic gestures of the Balinese gamelan orchestra. The movement is loosely cast in the traditional sonata-allegro format.

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Gary Smart and Yukino Miyake. "Piano Sonata I. Kimnara’s Blessing (Recording)" (2016)
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