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Beatbox 5 (Recording)
Music Faculty Publications
  • Gary Smart, University of North Florida
  • Chizu Hamano
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This group of short pieces for two pianists playing one piano was composed for a tour of central Japan in the summer of 2006. At a concert in Kyoto I premiered this collection, as secundo pianist, with six of my former Japanese piano students, each playing one movement with me. Each movement is dedicated to that individual and I like to think that these movements reflect, to some extent, each pianists’ personality.The title “Beatbox” refers to the repetitive rhythmic motives which serve as the basis for each movement. This music features energetic ostinati, and thick, bopish textures. Movement five is the exception. Here a serene Coplandesque quality creates a melodic, harmonic pause in all the hectic activity.

Score of Beatbox is available here:

Recording of Beatbox 1 is vailable here:

Recording of Beatbox 2 is vailable here:

Recording of Beatbox 3 is vailable here:

Recording of Beatbox 4 is vailable here:

Recording of Beatbox 6 is vailable here:

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Gary Smart and Chizu Hamano. "Beatbox 5 (Recording)" (2006)
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