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Bye-bye (Recording)
Music Faculty Publications
  • Gary Smart, University of North Florida
  • Ravel Virtual Studios (New York), Ravel Virtual Studios (New York)
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“Bye-bye” for mixed sextet of instruments was written specifically for the 2010 Finale Composers’ Competition. It was finished in August 2010. It is a kind of abstract toccata which relies on rhythmic gestures as a primary unifying device. “Bye-bye” is Ivesian in it’s overall American character and in it’s use of materials from diverse musical genres (vaudeville, ragtime, waltz, early jazz, swing, etc.).Only five minutes in length, this piece is written to serve as a brilliant, eccentric showpiece encore. Fans of the “Great American songbook” will recognize this music to be a free fantasy on the old sing-a-long favorite – “Bye Bye Blackbird” (1926).

Score of Bye-bye is available here:

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Gary Smart and Ravel Virtual Studios (New York). "Bye-bye (Recording)" (2010)
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