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Genome sequence of the Bacteroides fragilis phage ATCC 51477-B1
Virology Journal (2008)
  • Shawn A. Hawkins
  • Alice C. Layton
  • Steven Ripp, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • Dan Williams
  • Gary S. Sayler

The genome of a fecal pollution indicator phage, Bacteroides fragilis ATCC 51477-B1, was sequenced and consisted of 44,929 bases with a G+C content of 38.7%. Forty-six putative open reading frames were identified and genes were organized into functional clusters for host specificity, lysis, replication and regulation, and packaging and structural proteins.


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Shawn A. Hawkins, Alice C. Layton, Steven Ripp, Dan Williams, et al.. "Genome sequence of the Bacteroides fragilis phage ATCC 51477-B1" Virology Journal Vol. 5 Iss. 97 (2008)
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