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Biosensors as environmental monitors
Environmental Microbiology, 2nd Edition (2010)
  • S. Ripp
  • M. L. DiClaudio
  • Gary S. Sayler, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
This is the long-awaited and much-anticipated revision of the bestselling text and reference. Based on the latest information and investigative techniques from molecular biology and genetics, this Second Edition offers an in-depth examination of the role of microbiological processes related to environmental deterioration with an emphasis on the detection and control of environmental contaminants. Its goal is to further our understanding of the complex microbial processes underlying environmental degradation, its detection and control, and ultimately, its prevention.
Publication Date
Ralph Mitchell and Ji-Dong Gu
Citation Information
S. Ripp, M. L. DiClaudio and Gary S. Sayler. "Biosensors as environmental monitors" 2ndHoboken, New JerseyEnvironmental Microbiology, 2nd Edition (2010)
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