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Ombudsman and Local Governments
International Local Governments Congress (2013)
  • Gary S Sander

The local governments in democratic countries began to acquire more importance since the scope of the public services they provide have been enlarged. In parallel with this progress, they use more public resources. This fact requires the operation of an inspection system while ensuring that the system does not damage the autonomous structure of the local governments. In all democratic countries an inspection mechanism exists over local governments. While the control of national governments over local governments in developed countries are not so strong, it is just the opposite in developing countries. The control of national government over local government is intensely observed in our country. This wardship inspection sometimes causes some implementations which are not compatible with the idea of democracy. While the whole globe becomes more and more democratic day by day, this kind of a development is inevitable for our country as well. Therefore, complying with these contemporary and new developments is compulsory.

  • Local Government,
  • International Cooperation
Publication Date
Summer June 12, 2013
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Gary S Sander. "Ombudsman and Local Governments" International Local Governments Congress (2013)
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