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Connecticut Government and Politics: An Introduction
Sacred Heart University Press Books
  • Gary L. Rose, Sacred Heart University
Connecticut Government and Politics: An Introduction is a thoroughly revised and updated version of the author’s book, Connecticut Government at the Millennium (Sacred Heart University Press, 2001). Like the first edition, it is intended to introduce students and general readers to the historical development and current operation of Connecticut’s political system. Individual chapters explore constitutional history in “The Constitution State,” the transformation of Connecticut politics, the various mechanisms through which citizens can participate in political affairs, the structure and powers of the three branches of government, and the pivotal role of the mass media, newspapers in particular, in protecting the integrity of the political process. Connecticut Government and Politics: An Introduction is aimed at enhancing civic awareness among readers and also encouraging responsible citizenship through direct participation in state and local politics.
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Sacred Heart University Press
  • Connecticut,
  • Politics,
  • Government,
  • History,
  • Legislature,
  • Constitution
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Gary L. Rose. Connecticut Government and Politics: An Introduction. Fairfield CT(2007)
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