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About Gary L St C Oates

Gary Oates joined the BGSU faculty in 2003. His research explores the reciprocal relationship between social structural factors and individual-level psychological and behavioral phenomena with significant bearing on social problems. Race or race-related factors figure prominently among the structural variables that his work addresses. Mental and physical health, dimensions of the self-concept, cognitive functioning, beliefs about inequality, and indicators of socioeconomic attainment are most prominent at the social psychological/behavioral end of the spectrum. Dr. Oates typically pursues his research questions with survey data-based structural equation models.


Present Adjunct Faculty Associate, Program for Research on Black Americans (PRBA), Research Center for Group Dynamics of the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Bowling Green State University
Present Affiliate Scholar, Center for Family and Demographic Research (CFDR), BGSU, Bowling Green State University
Present Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Bowling Green State University Sociology


Contact Information

Phone: 419-372-4915
Office: 238