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Mid-season corn leaf diseases
Integrated Crop Management News
  • Gary P. Munkvold, Iowa State University
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Leaf diseases are appearing on corn in many areas of the state. This is not too surprising, considering the amount of rain we have had. Fortunately, in most fields so far the symptoms are due to holcus spot or anthracnose, which do not tend to spread rapidly among the plants during mid-season. Anthracnose has become severe in some fields following the heavy rains, but the new leaves should escape infection. No in-season control measures are recommended for anthracnose. Other diseases are appearing and some of these are a bigger concern, especially in seed corn. Paul Klemme of Novartis Crop Protection reports that common rust, northern leaf spot, and gray leaf spot are appearing in many southern Iowa seed fields.
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Iowa State University
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Gary P. Munkvold. "Mid-season corn leaf diseases" (1999)
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