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Unpublished Paper
Soybean Production Research: Breaking the Yield Barrier, Objective 2
Iowa State Research Farm Progress Reports
  • Gary P. Munkvold, Iowa State University
  • Mark Smith, Iowa State University
Ag Engineering/Agronomy, Central Iowa and BioCentury Research Farms
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RFR A11136
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In previous research, physiological responses to agronomic variables to help us explain yield responses to our management decisions were identified. This is critical because the grower can see and understand not just from the yield but also from the physiological variables, what management decisions are important to achieve high yields. This project is a continuation of that work. The overall goal of this research is to increase soybean yield and profit faster than it currently is accomplished by intensive management. This component of the project contributes to that goal by developing information on the impacts of tillage and crop rotation on soybean growth and development, soil borne diseases, and yield. This study was conducted at two locations—the ISU Agronomy (Bruner) Farm, Ames and the ISU Northwest Research Farm, Sutherland, Iowa.
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Iowa State University
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Gary P. Munkvold and Mark Smith. "Soybean Production Research: Breaking the Yield Barrier, Objective 2" (2012)
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