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Functional Anatomy of Penaeid Shrimp
The Shrimp Book (2010)
  • Gary G. Martin, Occidental College
  • Jo Ellen Hose
A comprehensive source of information on all aspects of shrimp production, this reference covers not only the global status of shrimp farming, but also examines shrimp anatomy and physiology. From nutrition to health management and harvesting issues to biosecurity, this well-researched volume evaluates existing knowledge, proposes new concepts, and questions common practices. With an extensive review on worldwide production systems, this compilation will be highly relevant to research scientists, students, and shrimp producers.
Publication Date
Victoria Alday-Sanz
Nottingham University Press, 2010
1904761593, 9781904761594
Citation Information
Gary G. Martin and Jo Ellen Hose. "Functional Anatomy of Penaeid Shrimp" illustratedNottingham, EnglandThe Shrimp Book (2010)
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