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Traditional Concepts for 21st Century Living
Etnoecológica (Ethnoecology) (1996)
  • Gary A Klee, San Jose State University
One of the major reasons for studying traditional societies is to identify concepts that will be useful in establishing goals for living in the 21st century. A list of major traditional concepts has been provided, along with associated "modern-day" environmental goals and career paths. It is interesting to note that these same traditional concepts are the "building blocks" for modern environmentalism. Studies of traditional societies have everything to do with trying to understand (and resolve) today's mounting social and environmental problems. We have a lot to learn, and it must be done within a few short decades.
Publication Date
August, 1996
Citation Information
Gary A Klee. "Traditional Concepts for 21st Century Living" Etnoecológica (Ethnoecology) Vol. III Iss. 4-5 (1996)
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