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Conserving Hawaiian Natural Resources: A Geography Field Trip Experience
The California Geographer (1978)
  • Gary A Klee, San Jose State University
For several years San Diego State University's Geography Department has offered a three-unit field course to the island of Kauai, Hawaii. The course surveys the nature and extent of mineral, soil, water, grassland, forest, wildlife, and marine resources on the island, as well as Kauai's conservation management practices. Aside from studying island ecosystems, what is strikingly different about this trip is its strong reliance upon local talent for the actual field teaching and its alliance with an on-campus association for the non-academic portion of the field experience.
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Copyright © 1978 Gary Klee.
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Gary A Klee. "Conserving Hawaiian Natural Resources: A Geography Field Trip Experience" The California Geographer Vol. 17 (1978)
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