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Antony Flew’s Deism Revisited: A Review Essay on ‘There is a God’
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  • Gary R. Habermas, Liberty University
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Published in Philosophia Christi 9:2, 431-440, 2007. Permission has been granted by the Editor of Philosophia Christi ( to upload this contribution to Liberty University’s scholarly repository. All Rights Secured. No copy of this file may be sold or reprinted in whole or in part. To purchase the entire journal issue that contains this contribution, please visit the website of the Evangelical Philosophical Society (
When preeminent philosophical atheist Antony Flew announced in 2004 that he had come to believe in God's existence and was probably best considered a deist, the reaction from both believers and skeptics was "off the chart." Few religious stories had this sort of appeal and impact, across the spectrum, both popular as well as theoretical. No recent change of mind has received this much attention. Flew responded by protesting that his story really did not deserve this much interest. But as he explained repeatedly, he simply had to go where the evidence led.
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Gary R. Habermas. "Antony Flew’s Deism Revisited: A Review Essay on ‘There is a God’" (2007)
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