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Decent Work and Development Policies
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  • Gary S Fields, Cornell University
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Welcoming the shift to outcomes which he perceives in the ILO's focus on decent work, the author explores the major issues thus raised. He discusses how to make the notion of decent work more precise in operational terms, and how to develop an integrated approach to economic and social policy in the decent work context, before formulating an empirical approach to assessing the effects of economic growth on decent work. Finally, he outlines a structure for the ILO's planned country reviews of progress towards decent work.


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Fields, G. S. (2003). Decent work and development policies [Electronic version]. International Labour Review, 142(2), 239-262.
Required Publishers Statement ©2003 International Labour Organization. Reprinted with permission.

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Gary S Fields. "Decent Work and Development Policies" (2003)
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