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About Gary Bowman

Doctor of Philosophy - University of St Andrews
Master of Arts (Honours) - University of St Andrews
Dr Gary Bowman’s research is based in the broad fields of strategy and risk. Gary’s PhD (University of St Andrews, UK) was a longitudinal, empirical study of a large, complex organisation’s application of a scenario-informed strategic planning process. His postdoctoral research (University of Cambridge, UK) concentrated on risk, where he co-developed the Cambridge Risk Framework, a methodology which uses catastrophic event scenarios to estimate the impact on interconnected systems (e.g. financial networks, shipping networks) as a means of modelling the global socio-economic consequences.
Gary’s current strategy research is focused on the differences in inter- and intra-organisational strategizing practices, and the role of institutional logics in the strategy process. In the risk domain, Gary is working on modelling disruptions to, and assessing the resilience of, global shipping networks, and on the role of epistemic and aleatoric uncertainty in risk management. Gary’s future research aims to bring together risk and strategy, conceptualising them as an inseparable duality, and proposing a framework for increasing the understanding of risk in strategic decision making.


Present Assistant Professor of Global Strategy, Bond University

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Faculty of Business
Bond University QLD 4229
Phone:+61 7 559 51161


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