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A Magnetic and Mössbauer Spectral Study of PrFe₁₁Ti and PrFe₁₁TiH
Journal of Alloys and Compounds
  • Cristina Piquer
  • Fernande Grandjean, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Olivier Isnard
  • Viorel Pop
  • Gary J. Long, Missouri University of Science and Technology

The lattice parameters, magnetic and Mössbauer spectral properties of PrFe11Ti and PrFe11TiH have been measured between 4.2 and 295K. Both compounds crystallize in the ThMn12-type structure. The insertion of hydrogen in PrFe11Ti anisotropically expands the unit-cell volume by 0.4%. Both compounds are ferromagnetically ordered with Curie temperatures of 547 and 604K, respectively. Between 4.2 and 295K, the easy magnetization direction is within the basal plane along the [100] direction as indicated by the Mössbauer spectra which have been fit with a model taking into account both the binomial distribution of titanium near neighbors of the iron atoms and the basal orientation of the magnetic moments.

Keywords and Phrases
  • Crystallization,
  • Hydrides,
  • Magnetic Anisotropy,
  • Magnetic Moments,
  • Magnetization,
  • Mössbauer Spectroscopy,
  • Phase Diagrams,
  • Gas-solid Reactions,
  • Hydrogen Absorbing Materials,
  • Magnetic Measurements,
  • Praseodymium Alloys,
  • Metal Hydrides,
  • Rare Earth Compounds,
  • Transition Metal Compounds
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Publication Date
01 Sep 2004
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Cristina Piquer, Fernande Grandjean, Olivier Isnard, Viorel Pop, et al.. "A Magnetic and Mössbauer Spectral Study of PrFe₁₁Ti and PrFe₁₁TiH" Journal of Alloys and Compounds Vol. 377 Iss. 2016-01-02 (2004) p. 1 - 7 ISSN: 0925-8388
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