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Quality Requirements in Developing Countries
Journal of Economics and Business
  • Galina An, Kenyon College
  • Thitima Puttitanun, San Diego State University
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This paper theoretically explores how quality standards imposed by subsidiaries of multinational enterprises on local suppliers in developing countries can influence the local intermediate goods industries: they can trigger the adoption of better techniques and processes, thereby increasing the technological capability of the host country; they can also induce local innovation, a situation described in many case studies of developing countries. However, if a host country is underdeveloped, the presence of multinational firms might not bring any significant changes to the economy.

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Galina An and Thitima Puttitanun. "Quality Requirements in Developing Countries" Journal of Economics and Business Vol. 62 Iss. 2 (2010) p. 94 - 115
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