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About Olugbenga Ajilore

I am an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Toledo since 2003. I received my PhD from the Claremont Graduate University in 2002. My research interests lie within Public Finance and Demographic Economics where I examine multiple components of state and local spending through the lens of ethnic diversity. I have also published work on the incentive effects of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and the effect of the Earned Income Tax Credit on African-Americans.
My current research tackles the topic of racial bias and policing. In the economics literature, the focus on the research has been primarily on traffic stop and arrests. I expand this focus to the use of physical force, both lethal and non-lethal. In addition to this work, my research applies spatial methodology to the study of peer effects and adolescent behavior including obesity-related behavior and risky sexual behavior. This research has led to several publications focused on the role of peer social networks with a variety of adolescent behaviors. This work on peer effects and adolescent civic engagement has been funded by the Spencer Foundation.


Present Associate Professor, The University of Toledo

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