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About Olugbenga Ajilore

I am a public finance economist who studies police militarization and the role of peers on a variety of adolescent and young adult behavior. I have also published work on the spillover effects of school district spending as well as the incentive effects of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and the effect of the Earned Income Tax Credit on African-Americans. My current research applied spatial methodology to the study of peer effects and adolescent behavior with a specific focus on the political participation of young adults.


Present Associate Professor, The University of Toledo

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2925 Bancroft St.
Mail Stop 922
Toledo, OH 43606

Race, Demographics, and Law Enforcement (3)

Peer Effects and Spatial Econometrics (3)

Spatial Econometrics and Local Public Spending (4)

African-Americans and Public Policy (3)

Tax Policy (2)

Sports Economics (2)

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