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The new basics research report
  • Gabrielle Matters
  • Allan Luke
  • Ray Barrett
  • Ray Land

This report describes the research component of a trial in 38 Queensland state schools of a new way of preparing young Queenslanders to meet the challenges of new times and of contributing to the Smart State. The New Basics Trial investigated the viability of a new framework for integrating what is taught with how it is taught, assessed and reported. The research program complemented two other key elements of the Trial - development of the components of the framework and its implementation in selected schools. The research activities reported here provide primary data, analyses and some conclusions about the impact of New Basics on the nature and quality of student work, approaches to teaching and learning, assessment procedures, student achievement, as well as school organisation and structure. [ISBN: 0734519672]

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Gabrielle Matters, Allan Luke, Ray Barrett and Ray Land. "The new basics research report" (2004)
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