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Constitution Making in Comparative Perspective
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics (2017)
  • Gabriel L. Negretto

Constitution-making has been a central political activity in the modern era. Enacting a new constitution was an essential ingredient in the foundation of republics, the creation of new states, the inauguration of democratic regimes, and the reequilibration of democracies during or after a political crisis. Constitution writing has also become a crucial part of the process of overcoming a legacy of violent internal conflict and a component of authoritarian regimes that seek to gain legitimacy by emulating the formalities of representative democracies. This article surveys the most important concepts and issues related to the comparative analysis of constitution-making. Although it draws examples from constitutions made in a wide variety of settings, special attention is paid to constitutional texts adopted or implemented under competitive conditions.
  • Constitution-making,
  • written constitutions,
  • constituent power,
  • democracy,
  • representation,
  • popular participation
Publication Date
July, 2017
William R. Thompson
Oxford University Press
Oxford Research Encyclopedias
Citation Information
Constitution-Making in Comparative Perspective Gabriel L. Negretto Subject: Governance/Political Change, History and Politics, Political Institutions, World Politics Online Publication Date: Jul 2017 DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228637.013.66