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Countering Iranian Malign Influence: The Need for a Regional Response
American Diplomacy (2009)
  • Gabriel C. Lajeunesse
  • William Wunderle

Abstract: The behavior and the policies pursued by Iran ’ s current leadership pose profound and wide-ranging challenges to U.S. interests, the interests of its friends and allies, and the international community as a whole. Particularly concerning is Iran ’ s ability to foment instability through the use of terrorism. Recognizing this, the authors participated in a series of roundtables, discussions, and forums on Iranian Malign Influence. Participants included military and civilian experts from a number of Middle Eastern, European, and Central Asian countries, U.S. think tanks, and U.S. intelligence and interagency subject matter experts. This paper is a reflection of the insightful dialogue that took place during these engagements, and also incorporates newly declassified U.S. government information on Iran ’ s support for terrorism. This review revealed a need for a regional response to Iran ’ s malign activities in the region. Regional governments must take action to neutralize Iranian intelligence networks.

  • Iran,
  • terrorism
Publication Date
April 28, 2009
Citation Information
Gabriel C. Lajeunesse and William Wunderle. "Countering Iranian Malign Influence: The Need for a Regional Response" American Diplomacy (2009)
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