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A Smart Guide For Researching Sarms Sources
article (2019)
  • gabriel smith
Supplements can severely affect the human body and have a lot of confusing pseudonyms that present a unique set of challenges when gathering information about them for research. SARMs are growing in the athletic world as a "legal steroid," providing muscle-building benefits with little to no side effects.  After a quick internet search, you will notice thousands of websites popping up claiming to be the best SARMs vendors and its a good idea to do an in-depth exploration of these websites to find out the truth about where the supplement is coming from and inform others. This checklist will help with your research.

•    Look Or A Tested Product Guarantee Of SARM Vendors - An excellent source has independent labs testing the quality of the products because they want to make sure the SARMs aren't contaminated with other variables and are at least 99% pure. Avoid any company that doesn't feature or makes available tested results.

•    Check User Reviews - Always make sure to check if a source has reviews. Compare the number of positive reviews to the negative. Chances are if there aren't any it could be a fake source or they produce a poor product. It is also likely that they are too new or not enough consumers have tried this company's product. 

•    The Legitimacy Of The Website - If it looks unfinished, poorly made and didn't provide enough information about their product, then make sure to note it in research to warn others. You want to see as much information as possible when it comes to medical supplements. Beware the typo as well.

•    Go to Checkout and look at Payment Options - Some vendors can have an unsecured website or offer payment methods such as cryptocurrency. This is a typical red flag for an illegitimate company. It is very likely a scam, and the buyer will be cheated out of hard earned money and receive no product.

•    Avoid Third Party Sarms Vendors On Amazon Or Ebay - Since it is still in an experimental phase but legal to use in liquid form, there are a lot of copy cat drugs popping up as "muscle maxer" or "muscle boosts" here. These fake supplements come with very little information and can contain ingredients that are not safe. If they are legitimate sellers representing a company, they should have an external website they link to with contact information. You should be able to reach out with this information and have any additional questions answered for SARMs source research.

Go to; This is a suitable place to gather information if you no longer wish to rely on Google. This forum is a place where you will find all the important topics in the physical medical world that everyone needs to know for bodybuilding or fitness.. Here you will find individual user experiences, and FAQ's all of the things missing from potentially fake products,  a gold mine of SARM vendor information.
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Summer June 24, 2019
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gabriel smith. "A Smart Guide For Researching Sarms Sources" article (2019)
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