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Norm Hull of Vectors and Matrices
Linear Algebra and its Applications
  • Chi-Kwong Li, College of William and Mary
  • Nam-Kiu Tsing, University of Hong Kong
  • Fuzhen Zhang, Nova Southeastern University
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Let V be a real or complex finite-dimensional vector space, and let be a set of norms on V. The norm hull of a vector x ∈ V with respect to is the set of vectors y ∈ V that satisfy ∥y∥ ≤ ∥x∥ for all ∥ · ∥ ∈ N. We study and give characterization of the norm hull for some sets of well-known norms on general vector spaces, and for the set of algebra norms and the set of induced norms on the algebra of n × n real or complex matrices

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Chi-Kwong Li, Nam-Kiu Tsing and Fuzhen Zhang. "Norm Hull of Vectors and Matrices" Linear Algebra and its Applications Vol. 257 (1997) p. 1 - 27 ISSN: 0024-3795
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