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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking in Bali
Experience mount batur sunrise trekking (2019)
  • Fritz Donovan
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Mount Batur is an active volcano in Bali. This mountain is sacred by people in Bali. Every day there are lots of people doing mount batur sunrise trekking activities. They climbed to the top of Mount Batur to see the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur.
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Summer August 1, 2019
Publisher Statement
Who does not know Bali? This is a very famous island for tourism. The island of Bali is so famous that many foreigners know Bali better than Indonesia. So, now Bali tourism is so global that millions of foreign and domestic tourists visit Bali every year.

This is the reason for me to try to travel to Bali. Actually, it has been my intention to travel to Bali for a long time, but only this year has been achieved.

The initial intention to go to Bali is to enjoy beach tourism, and rural tourism in Bali which is already very well known. It's just that when I got in Bali I just found out that Bali has a lot of tourist attractions that offer a lot of things.

One of the tourist destinations offered by my driver is to climb to the top of Mount Batur. This is actually quite interesting, because during college I also joined a group of nature lovers.

Only the question is "What is the attraction of Mount Batur?"

My driver said that the attraction was on trekking to the summit and enjoying the sunrise on the peak of Mount Batur. The view from the top of Mount Batur also said he was extraordinary and not all tourists to Bali had the opportunity or were able to get there. Not to mention at the foot of Mount Batur there is a hot spring with a wow view.

Because the driver showed a lot of photos, I was also interested to try.

To go to Mount Batur, the driver had to pick me up at the hotel at 1.30 in the morning. At that time I was staying at a hotel in the Kuta area. It turned out that the trip to Mount Batur sunrise trekking was quite far, but it was also fun to get the experience of exploring Bali at night.

After approaching the treking area, the temperature of the air feels colder. So those of you from Kuta or Denpasar don't forget to wear a jacket if you want to visit this place.

In this area, you can see there are many other climbers who are getting ready to go upstairs. Some of them are experienced climbers. So they will not need the services of a tour guide.

Since I am not an experienced climber at Mount Batur, and the body feels no longer the same as in college, so I hired a guide for the mount batur trekking. It is very important to hire this guide service if you are a beginner.

The reason?

Your walking speed is not the same as other people's. Don't think about tailing others, because they might still be fit, and you suddenly become exhausted on the way. You can be alone for some time on the mountain.

If there is a guide, yes they can continue to be there beside you encouraging and becoming a friend of the story throughout the sunrise trekking trip. So you don't need to worry about losing track. Moreover, this trip is done at night.

Do not hesitate to ask the guide to stop for a moment. Rather than you fainting, is he also the one who is bothered right? In addition, do not be discouraged to see many Caucasians who walk very fast as if the trekking was just a straight course. Usually they are lovers of trekking activities.

Well, after walking for about 2 hours, you will get to the top of Mount Batur. During these 2 hours you walk approximately 5 kilometers. That means your road speed is an average of 2.5 km per hour. Really slow right?

Why can? Because you walk 5 km to go up to 600 meters. That means the road you are traveling is quite uphill as far as 5 km. Sometimes it's a bit sloping, and sometimes it's a bit steep. If you are not accustomed to going far, then the leg muscles can cramp like that.

But until the peak, the view was not playing cool. The combination of mountain cliffs, clouds, and sunrise on Mount Batur is indeed top!

Not to mention from the top of the mountain, you will be able to see Lake Caldera on Mount Batur.

So while waiting for the sun to rise, we can eat bananas and boiled eggs in Mount Batur volcanic steam. Do not you think this is just ordinary food. It will be really amazing, because you feel very tired, hehehe. So we will rest on Mount Batur to get rid of fatigue, while eating eggs, enjoying the sunrise, and of course must take lots of photos.

If the body is relaxed, then you can go down to the lake of Mount Batur. There is a hot spring bath. For Indonesians not holders of a KTP Bali, then you have to pay Rp. 100,000 to be able to bathe in this hot spring. But the scenery is really amazing. It was like being a sultan one day.

Some tour service providers will still take you for a walk to the Kopi Luwak plantation. But because I was tired, I asked to be taken back to the hotel in Kuta.

So, doing Mount Batur sunrise trekking provides an extraordinary experience, because the tiredness is quite noticeable. But the feeling you get when you get to the top is more than worth it.
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If you want to do mount batur sunrise trekking activities, you can contact aswindrajaya or you can come directly to Jalan Pandu No.10, Br. Middle of Blahbatuh Gianyar, Bali, 80581