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Changing Values: A 2020 Vision
Euromarketing and the Future (2004)
  • Fredric Kropp, Monterey Institute of International Studies

This study examines the roles that values play in marketing and the nature of value change. The List of Values (LOV) is used to measure individual values. The study employs two futures research tools, socioeconomic scenarios and the Delphi process, to understand the nature of change in values. In addition, the cultural materialism paradigm, which rests on bio-psychological constants to explain the ways in which a society's infrastructure mediates between culture and nature, is used to examine a paradigm shift in values. The paper argues that North America and Europe are in the midst of a major paradigm shift, comparable to the shift from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Age. Implications for European values and marketing are assessed.

  • value changes,
  • List of Values,
  • socioeconomic scenarios,
  • Delphi process,
  • structural materialism paradigm,
  • paradigm shift,
  • European values
Publication Date
Lynn R. Kahle
International Business Press
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Fredric Kropp. "Changing Values: A 2020 Vision" New YorkEuromarketing and the Future (2004)
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