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Unpublished Paper
Effects of Overwintering Conditions on Nesting Behavior of Painted Turtles
Iowa State Research Farm Progress Reports
  • Timothy Mitchell, Iowa State University
  • Cecilia Hinsley, Iowa State University
  • Fredric J. Janzen, II, Iowa State University
Horticulture Station
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RFR A1223
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For painted turtles (Chrysemys picta) and many other reptiles, the temperature experienced by developing eggs determines whether the embryo will become a male or a female. Animals with this temperaturedependent sex determination (TSD) are vulnerable to rapid climate change, as consistent, directional changes in climate may result in detrimental population sex-ratio shifts. Yet, many animals with TSD have persisted for millions of years, through many periods of global warming and cooling. How have these animals evolved to maintain healthy sex ratios, despite this apparent vulnerability?
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Iowa State University
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Timothy Mitchell, Cecilia Hinsley and Fredric J. Janzen. "Effects of Overwintering Conditions on Nesting Behavior of Painted Turtles" (2013)
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