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Bacterial species concepts
The Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Biology (2016)
  • Frederick M Cohan
Prokaryotic systematics has defined species as phenotypically distinct groups that form clusters based on a fixed level of molecular similarity. These criteria have provided stability for species demarcation but yield enormous levels of ecological diversity within a typical species taxon. Investigations of prokaryotic diversification have not focused on the broadly-defined species taxa of systematics but rather on the more newly-divergent lineages expected to have dynamic properties attributed to species. Regardless of whether species are demarcated as clusters or by evolutionary properties, full genome sequences provide an efficient way to discover diversity at the species level and to infer the ecological roles of species.
  • cohesion,
  • diversification,
  • ecological speciation,
  • ecotype,
  • fragmented speciation,
  • genome sequencing,
  • sexual isolation,
  • systematics
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Richard Kliman
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Frederick M Cohan. "Bacterial species concepts" The Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Biology (2016)
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