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Service Quality Assessments with Higher Education TechQual+
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference (2007)
  • Timothy Chester, Pepperdine University
  • Fredrick Miller, Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Dennis A. Trinkle, Valparaiso University
The Higher Education TechQual+ Project is a nationwide effort to develop a standardized approach to outcomes-based, service-quality assessments. The instrument is delivered through the Web, shielding participants from the complexities of survey research. The presentation will cover project history, the instrument, and assessment and reporting functionality, as well as case studies of its use at several institutions.
  • Information Technology Higher Education Service Quality
Publication Date
October 24, 2007
Citation Information
Timothy Chester, Fredrick Miller and Dennis A. Trinkle. "Service Quality Assessments with Higher Education TechQual+" EDUCAUSE Annual Conference (2007)
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