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Quantum of Solitude: Lonelines as Experienced by Pastors' Wives
Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Jama Davis, Liberty University
  • Fred Milacci, Liberty University
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Presentation given at the American Association of Christian Counselors' 2009 World Conference
This phenomenological study investigated the individual experiences of eight pastors’ wives with the phenomenon, loneliness. Data was collected using informal, conversational, taped and transcribed interviews. Descriptions of the experiences of loneliness and the general factors contributing to loneliness were identified by the participants. The experiences and general contributing factors were compared and contrasted. The findings of this study suggest three factors which most significantly impact pastors’ wives and loneliness. Suggestions for future research involving pastors’ wives and pastors are provided.
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Jama Davis and Fred Milacci. "Quantum of Solitude: Lonelines as Experienced by Pastors' Wives" (2009)
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