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About Fred L. Ogden

To compensate for our poor understanding of hydrologic science, the practice of engineering hydrology to this day relies heavily upon empiricisms that were developed in the era before the advent of advanced hydrologic measurement technologies, digital computers, geospatial databases, and remote sensing. I believe that to truly advance, hydrology must move away from these old empricisms by improving our process-level predictive understanding of the hydrologic cycle. Bringing new science into the practice of hydrologic engineering is my overarching research objective. My publications reveal the efforts by my students and I in this direction.


Present Faculty Member, University of Wyoming

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Water Well Sealing (2)

Tropical Hydrology (5)

Hydrological Modeling (1)

Infiltration and Flow of Water Through Soils (3)

GIS and Distributed Hydrology (2)

Urban Hydrology (1)

Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions (3)

Hydrologic Data (1)

Hydraulics and Sediment (1)