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About Fred Baumann

Fred E. Baumann came to Kenyon as director of the Public Affairs Conference Center and part-time teacher of political science in 1980, entering the department full-time in 1986. He teaches courses in the history of political philosophy, politics and literature, diplomatic history and statesmanship as well as PSCI 101-102. The author of Fraternity and Politics: Choosing One's Brothers, Baumann is now working on a book on the status of political humanism. He is an associate editor of the journal Interpretation, and has served as chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee.
Baumann received the Senior Faculty Trustee Teaching Award and was invited to give the Founders' Day talk. He is currently working on a book on the subject of democratic reciprocity.


Present Professor of Political Science, Kenyon College

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P: (740) 427-5728
Horwitz House 04


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