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Too Smart to Fail: Guide for the Struggling Medical Student
MIIR Faculty Research
  • Michael Andyryka, Marshall University
  • Timothy Wilson-Byrne, MD, Marshall University
  • Sean Fitzpatrick, Marshall University
  • Marie Veitia, Marshall University
  • Ryan Orwig
  • Franklin D. Shuler, MD, PhD, Marshall University
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Medicine is a vocation of perpetual independent learning; long-term success is critically dependent on finding the right resources and establishing effective study methods and test-taking strategies. Students who struggle with the academic transition in medical school have common risk factors and characteristics. We highlight key resources that are available for struggling medical students with an emphasis on West Virginia's HELP, ASPIRE, and STAT programs.

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Andryka M, Wilson-Byrne T, Fitzpatrick S, Veitia M, Orwig R, Shuler FD. Too smart to fail: Guide for the struggling medical student. West Virginia Medical Journal. Nov/Dec 2014;110(6):12-19.