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Global Issues in Corporate Law
McGeorge School of Law Teaching Materials
  • Franklin A. Gevurtz, Pacific McGeorge School of Law
This book is designed primarily to serve as a supplement allowing professors teaching corporate law courses in law schools in the United States to introduce their students to corporate laws outside of the United States. By doing so, this book seeks to familiarize students with laws governing the foreign companies US attorneys may increasingly need to deal with in a global economy, to clarify United States corporate law by examining how other systems address the same concerns, to challenge students’ unquestioning assumption that the law du jour in the United States is, by definition, the best law, and to predict the direction of United States corporate law in the future given our history of borrowing from foreign corporate laws in the past. Subjects covered include taxonomy of business forms, choice of corporate law, creditor protection, corporate governance, mismanagement, insider trading, and takeovers.
Publication Date
West Academic Publishing
Citation Information
Franklin A. Gevurtz. Global Issues in Corporate Law. St. Paul, MN(2006)
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