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Visual Inspection of Casting Surfaces
AFS Transactions
  • Frank E. Peters, Iowa State University
  • Richard T. Stone, Iowa State University
  • Kristopher Patrick Watts, Iowa State University
  • Peihan Zhong, Iowa State University
  • Alexander John Clemons, Iowa State University
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Visual inspection of casting surfaces is a critical processing step in the metalcasting process. Measurement error can be significant, causing overprocessing or poor quality received by the customer. Many factors affect the human operator's ability to effectively inspect castings. Cognitive ability is one such factor, which can be identified through a simple test. Rastering training was shown to improve the percentage of casting surface which gets inspected. Discrimination between acceptable and unacceptable surfaces continues to be problematic.

This article is from AFS Transactions 121 (2013): 45. Posted with permission.

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American Foundry Society
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Frank E. Peters, Richard T. Stone, Kristopher Patrick Watts, Peihan Zhong, et al.. "Visual Inspection of Casting Surfaces" AFS Transactions Vol. 121 (2013) p. 45 - 52
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